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Starri Knight

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For over a decade, Starri Knight has reigned supreme over the internet as porn's queen of sex toys. A veteran webcam model, this busty brunette fucks a different toy every day of the week. Whether it's with a vibrator, double-ended dildo, strap-on, or Sybian, Starri's followers can always count on her to deliver the very best in sex toy porn. She even reaches out to fans, taking requests for sexual partners, specific props, and slutty costumes. It's that extra personal touch that has given Starri her epic longevity, and made her the go-to-gal for hot solo and lesbian smut. With game like hers, Miss Knight could totally play the role of the diva, but this down-to-earth sweetheart would never dream of throwing a hissy fit. Thanks to the hours she's spent in the yoga studio, this gorgeous babe is calm and professional, placing her at the top of every porn producer's list.

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