Diễn Viên Jaye Summers

Jaye Summers

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Jaye Summers is, without question, one of the hottest teens in porn today. Actually, she might be one of the sexiest in the entirety of visual entertainment! Petite, pert, and 100% all-natural, Jaye is the definition of a good girl gone bad. An honor student back in school, one day her mind became completely focused on boys; so instead of getting straight-A's, Jaye made a bee-line for the D! After getting all the cock she could handle at school, Jaye jumped to showing her goods as a camgirl, which is where an eagle-eyed scout got in touch and signed her up. Since then, this saucy little minx with the big, perky booty has been all over the place, sucking and fucking the biggest dicks in the land. And just like the iconic bird tattoos that adorn her left shoulder, Jaye's career is only just starting to take flight!

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